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aaronhoos_socialmedia_linkedinAndrew asked “What Social Networks Work Best For You?

What Social Networks Work Best For You?

1. What social media (your own blogs, forums, wiki’s, etc) or social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Ecademy, Plaxo, Twitter, YouTube, etc) do you use for business purposes?

2. Out of all the available networks and media which ones do you value as the best for you? Explain.

3. Have you generated new paying customers, increased revenue from existing customer or strategic alliances as a result of your social media activities? Please explain.”

Aaron’s Answer:
1. I use LinkedIn, Twitter, and my own blog as the primary social media/social marketing channels (although I try to stay stay on top of the other popular ones for clients who prefer to use those).

2. Of the 3 I’ve mentioned, I value each one equally, but for different reasons:
* On LinkedIn, I’ve been able to connect with other professionals. I use LinkedIn for strategic alliances, to cement my relationship with new and existing clients, and as my “go-to” place for expertise in specific areas of business.
* On Twitter, I tend to use it less as a microblog (although I do use it as such), but prefer to use Twitter Search as a real time crowd-sourced search engine; as well, I use the Twitter-based networking platform Business Lunch Club (http://businesslunchclub.com), which turns Twitter into a place where professionals can network while they’re at their desks.
* And my blog is my primary business site.

3. I have indeed generated new paying customers, increased revenue from existing customers, AND strategic alliances because of social media. But what I’ve found is that none of my marketing efforts exist in a vacuum — people find me through one marketing channel, look me up on Twitter, then read my blog, then maybe find me on LinkedIn. And these places then help me to keep in contact with prospects/clients/partners over the course of our professional relationship.


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