Today’s #BusinessLunchClub discussion: Entrepreneurial best practices


Today at #businesslunchclub on Twitter, we were joined by BusinessLunchClub co-founder Heather Villa. HeatherĀ  has started a number of businesses (and she and I have also collaborated on the recently released ebook How to Generate MORE BUSINESS and HIGHER PROFIT from a WordPress Website).

Heather has started several successful ventures over the years, which include her own consulting business at, a multi-staff virtual assistant firm IAC Professionals and an online bookkeeping service IAC-EZ (which recently merged with another company), as well as other businesses and joint ventures.

This was our conversation:

Aaron: @IAC_Heather … You’ve started several businesses. What’s your secret to success? #blc

Heather: @AaronHoos innovative ideas, seeing things through to the end, learning how to delegate and manage, and hard work #blc

Aaron: @IAC_Heather I know you have lots of ideas. How do you decide which ones to act on? #blc

Heather: @AaronHoos i don’t. I typically act on the ones that I think are filling the voids in the marketplace first. Its hard it varies. – #blc

Heather: @AaronHoos depends on what my schedule and budgets are like. #blc

Aaron: @IAC_Heather (If you can share this)… what will you do differently in the future when you start something else? #blc

Heather: @AaronHoos try to not have multiple launches at once and focus on one at a time. #blc

Our time at BusinessLunchClub was short but we were still able to get to some good tips for entrepreneurs who want to start and grow successful businesses:

  1. Find holes in the marketplace and innovate a solution
  2. See the work through to the end
  3. Delegate and manage others to do the work for you
  4. Work hard
  5. Stay focused

Thanks for your input today, Heather!

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