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aaronhoos_socialmedia_linkedinAlex Badinici, an AdSense Account Manager at Google Ireland asked a question on LinkedIn: “Do you have any interesting materials/experiences on “Consultative Sales” to share with me?

Aaron’s Answer:


Based on some of my experiences, I would recommend the following:

* Become an expert in the industry you’re serving. Read widely from that industry and reference relevant articles from credible sources. With every clients, I subscribe to a set of RSS feeds relevant to them to automatically generate reading material.

* Join industry associations that your clients participate in. This gives you a common point to talk about with them and you get your face in front of their peers. I haven’t done this lately (for a number of reasons) but it has worked well in the past.

* Consultative sales isn’t about “pitching” a product or service in response to a perceived need. It’s about making recommendations. There is a difference!

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