Smart strategy: Wal-Mart competes with Amazon

Image via Wikipedia Wal-Mart has just stepped up to create a compelling online offer that should rival sites like Amazon. Traditionally, Wal-Mart’s business model has been to sell its inventory and it makes huge profit through excellence and innovation in supply chain management. Amazon, on the other hand, has a business model of selling other […]

Snapshot of my week: Aug. 31 – Sept 4

Here’s a quick look at what I’m doing this week: Creating sales-supporting documentation and a media kit for an e-commerce company Writing blogs for a business consulting site Writing blogs for a professional coaching site Writing blogs for an online marketing site Writing blogs for a freelancing site Writing blogs for a business bookkeeping site […]

Just read: ‘The biggest lie in business’ at Profit Magazine

This is a great article about competitive advantages in business. It’s a long article but well worth the time. Although the article tends to focus on communicating your competitive advantage through a USP, there are real applications throughout all 4 Function Diamonds of the Business Diamond Framework. The biggest lie in business – Profit Magazine.