Recommended reading: Powerful Proposals

Although most of my business is now acquired through word-of-mouth, repeat business, or referrals, there is still a large component of proposal writing. Good proposals can be challenging to write and time consuming. It’s a critical sales document for many peoples’ businesses. This is a great book by a talented group of proposal experts.

Anticipate your business’ peaks and valleys (and mitigate them)

It doesn’t matter whether you measure income or expenses or marketing effort or profitability or inventory costs or wages (or anything else), businesses never operate along a straight line. There’s a fluidity of peaks and valleys and (in many cases) an upward trend as the business grows. This generalized graphic illustrates what I mean and […]

Great ideas from this week: Collaborate, Quench, Earn

As you can probably tell from Monday’s blog post, this was a busy week. Actually, it was a record-setting week in a record-setting quarter. It killed me not to blog as much as I normally do but I had to focus on clients or else they’d gather in a mob with pitchforks and torches and […]

Favorite video: Michael Porter on competitiveness

Disclaimer: I can listen to Michael Porter talk about competitiveness day-in and day-out. He is easily one of my favorite strategy thinkers and I was extremely privileged to take his Microeconomics of Competitiveness course which was hosted in Zurich Switzerland and delivered via video from Harvard’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness.