Favorite video: SBA Business Plan (part 1 of 8)

Consistently, the businesses that succeed are the ones that create and implement a business plan. As a result, I advise clients to get a business plan and I will often assist or entirely write a plan for a client.

In this webinar (which is part 1 of 8), the idea of a business plan is introduced and then, in the webinars that follow, the idea is elaborated on. Overall, I like that the SBA puts out this kind of material but I do have one criticism: They say that you don’t have to have anyone else do your business plan because you’re uniquely qualified to do your own business plan. While I understand what they are saying, I’ve seen a lot of businesses whose owners needed help because they couldn’t figure out what they needed to do to turn their idea into a product and then get it out to the market.

Here is webinar 1 of 8

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