Harvard Business Review: Building Loyalty in Business Markets

Harvard Business Review articles are always a good read; I’m never disappointed. I manage to read about a half dozen each month and wish I had time to read more. While each article is notable, I felt that the one I read recently was particularly valuable. Narayandas, Das. “Building Loyalty in Business Markets”, Harvard Business […]

Success story: 1600% increase in clients

A client contacted me some time ago to talk about helping them to generate more business. As usual, I spent some time analyzing their business model, their sales funnel, their offering, and their target market. Then, last month, we implemented some marketing systems. Until that point they were averaging 3.5 new customers per month to […]

Barriers to entry in the condiments industry

Starting a small business can be challenging: What do you sell? How do you price your product/service? How do you get it to the market? In some cases, just entering the industry can be challenging because of barriers. Here’s a great example of a barrier to entry and how it is being overcome: My aunt […]