Cheap yet effective innovation: Switch mindsets

The second stage of the Business Diamond Framework™’s 3i Methodology™ is to create innovative strategies to help organizations lower costs, raise revenues, and differentiate. (If you’re totally new to the Business Diamond Framework™, click here for a quick synopsis). There are a number of tools practitioners can use to innovate but one of the easiest […]

Social media solution: What’s your dream vacation?

One of my clients is Boyd Autobody & Glass, one of the largest operators of collision repair facilities in North America. They wanted to participate in social media but there’s a problem: Collision repair is not really a topic that people think about unless they need it. And, even when people do need collision repair, […]

Client Spotlight: TopStockGurus is a free report and weekly newsletter in which stock market gurus choose compelling stocks and give their reasons for the choice. As the editor of the report and the weekly newsletter, I track the gurus down each week and review their investment recommendations and then develop content that introduces the investment and the […]