Worst customer service questionnaire ever

I use an online service for some communication support in my business. They’re okay. They don’t wow me but I haven’t found anything better at this point. I’ve had some minor technical issues and I’ve made some suggestions on their feedback site, but it’s all been fruitless.

Today I was given this survey when I logged in. It promised to ask me only 4 questions. Actually, they asked 5 questions but since one of those questions was a demographics question and the other 4 questions were about the service, I guess it’s a technical truth.

Here are the questions, copied and pasted from the survey:

  1. Based on today’s visit, how would you rate your site experience overall?
  2. Which of the following best describes the primary purpose of your visit?
  3. Were you able to complete the purpose of your visit today?
  4. What do you value most about the [name withheld] website?
  5. [demographic question? Which of the following best describes how often you visit this website?]

Questions 1 through 3 are okay, although they seem like a waste of questions if you’re only going to ask 4 questions. But I can live with that. It’s question 4 that bugs me the most. “What do you value most about the website?”

What do I value most? How about asking me “How can we improve?” or “What challenges is your business facing right now that we can solve for you?” Those questions are WAY more relevant than “What do you value most?”. The “value most” question is a stroking question to make the owners feel good about themselves… and totally avoids the more difficult question of “What can we do for you?”.

I just wrote my own answer in the text box anyway. It’s the same thing I’ve been telling them for a while in their feedback. Sadly, nothing will come of it and I’ll eventually move the service to another provider when I find a better one.

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