Death and longevity of brands

Brands come and go. A couple years ago, people would have said “Twitter what?” But now it’s the latest in a long line of social media darlings.

These two articles, from SeekingAlpha gives us an interesting perspective on 12 brands that are likely to survive and 12 brands that are likely to die. I say it’s an interesting perspective because the writer is coming at it more like an investment analyst than a marketer.

A few surprises and a few no-brainers.

Read the articles here:

The Top 12 Brands Likely to Survive

The Top 12 Brands Likely to Disappear

Here’s why this is interesting to me: When you normally talk about brands, you’re usually talking about the marketing and positioning side of the business. But when you approach it like an investment analyst, you’re looking at a much wider range of considerations. By comparison: Twitter is a strong brand but its revenue stream doesn’t necessarily make it a lasting brand. I realize I’ve committed social media heresy by saying that Twitter is not a lasting brand. That is not to say that I’m predicting Twitter’s demise. Rather, I’m suggesting that, as a brand, it is very strong; but as a business it needs to think about revenue sooner or later.

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