Real estate differentiator

A friend and I were throwing around some business ideas and talking about the challenges that real estate agents have in differentiating themselves from the competition. We talked about an auction-style system akin to or I wondered if there was space for something similar in the real estate industry. Turns out, there already […]

Virtual business meets real business

I’m not really a computer game kind of guy. I spend all day writing at my computer, so when it comes time to relax, I like to do other things that don’t involve me staring at my monitor. Although I tend to avoid the entire online gaming industry as a result, I have been increasingly […]

GoogleBook Convinced Me to Buy

Google transformed the web by helping users to wade through volumes of information. We embraced Google’s web search because it made a difference to our search. But its book search has encountered some criticism. As someone who produces copyrighted material every day, I understand and appreciate those who want to protect their data and potential […]