Hi! My name is Aaron Hoos. Thanks for visiting my site.

This site talks shamelessly about me and it’s where I share insights about business, finance, and real estate.

Who I am: I’m a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels.

What I do: I write. A lot. My writing appears in books, magazines, textbooks, blogs, and training courses. I also write copy or advise on strategy for a variety of clients ranging from one-person start-ups to well-known multinationals. And, I own several businesses in sectors like marketing, podcasting, publishing, the financial markets, and real estate.

When I’m not thinking and writing about business then I’m probably reading books and drinking coffee. Or I might be running. Or traveling. As if that wasn’t enough information about me, you can click here to learn even more about me.

Connect With Me

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My Books

I’ve written several books including the following:

Aaron Hoos Real Estate Investing Copywriters Playbook

The Real Estate Investing Copywriter’s Playbook: If you are a real estate investor who wants more sellers and buyers, this is the book for you. It’s all hereā€”from branding to social media, from direct mail to copywriting, you’ll get my entire playbook to understand and build your own effective real estate marketing campaigns. Click here to learn more about the book on Amazon.

The Sales Funnel Bible: Discover how to create powerful, profitable funnels that attract more leads into your business and convert them into long-term clients. Whether you’re starting a new business or looking for a way to grow your existing business more profitably, the answer is in mastering your sales funnel. Click here to learn more about The Sales Funnel Bible or click here to buy it from Amazon.

Here’s What I’m Thinking About Right Now

This site is a collection of my thoughts and a lab where I test out my ideas. I blog about business, finance, and real estate, but also about life and other things that catch my attention. Click here to read my blog.

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