Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a Strategic Investment Partner who runs a fund that focuses on global small-cap and venture-cap private equity and real estate investments.

About Aaron Hoos

Aaron has been a stockbroker, copywriter, and consultant. Today, he's a Strategic Investment Partner who runs a private equity fund.

Aaron also co-owns FuDog Group, a leader in personal growth education for business owners who want to grow themselves so they can grow their companies.

He holds an MBA in Strategy Management, and is the author of multiple books. He’s a frequent traveler and avid reader. Read more about Aaron here.

Strategic Investment Partner

As a Strategic Investment Partner, Aaron uses his proprietary investment process, combined with ideas, capital, and experience, to scale the organizations he works with.

Over the years, Aaron has owned or co-owned 8 companies, and has invested in or guided organizations to create hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, and lucrative exits for their founders.

Read more about Aaron's investment process here.

Aaron is not accepting consulting clients at this time but he is always looking for right-fit investment opportunities.

How To Connect With Aaron Hoos

The best place to hear Aaron’s insights on personal growth is in FuDog Group’s Entrepreneur & Business Owner Millionaire Mindset Facebook group.

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