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Hi! My name is Aaron Hoos. I write, consultant, and speak on business, finance, and real estate topics; and I invest in businesses and real estate.

Aaron Hoos, Writer

I spend a lot of time thinking about business and how companies can grow profitably, and I examine the capital and real estate markets for exciting ideas and opportunities. Then I distill that information into compelling, easy-to-understand, actionable insight for blogs, books, and magazines.

Along with writing, I also consult, speak, teach, and start new businesses and brands. Check out my portfolio to see what I’ve done in the past and my projects to see what I’m working on now.


I am the author of The Sales Funnel Bible, a handbook for business owners to help them start, run, and grow a profitable business.

My work has appears in numerous periodicals, including The Globe and Mail, Alberta Oil Magazine, Private Capital Magazine, Aspire Magazine, ThinkSales Magazine, McGraw-Hill textbooks, and more. My clients include companies like HP, SAP, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, TD Waterhouse, and more. Check out my portfolio to learn more about who I work with and what I’ve written.

Some other stuff that is useful to know about me:

  • I used to be a stockbroker, financial advisor, and insurance broker.
  • I’ve been a salesperson and an award-winning sales manager.
  • I have an MBA in Strategy Management, which included studies at Harvard Business School.
  • I invest in equities and real estate.
  • I’ve started 5 businesses — and within those businesses I have built several brands.
  • I’ve written The Sales Funnel Bible and I’m writing 2 additional books.


Want to know what kind of topics interest me?

Most of my work appears in blogs, books, and magazines but sometimes I accept writing projects from financial or real estate clients. Contact me if you’d like to work together.


What else do you want to know about me? Here are some random (but possibly useful) facts:

Learn even more about me at the following blog post: Aaron Hoos: More than you need to know about me, plus 8 random facts.

But all you really need to know is that I love my wife and books and bacon and coffee and sales funnels and financial reports and poker and beer and zombies and copywriting and NASCAR… not always in that order.

Okay, you’ve just read the informal, straight-from-my-gut version. If you need my official bio, you can use this one…


Aaron Hoos is a business, finance, and real estate writer. His actionable insight helps entrepreneurs and investors develop a strategic approach to profitable growth. Aaron has been a business owner, sales manager, and licensed stockbroker. He holds an MBA in Strategy Management, he’s the author of The Sales Funnel Bible, and he’s the creator of the Sales Funnel Strategy Matrix (TM).


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