The Manifesto Of Hard (1/31) — Prepare

This post is part of a series of posts based on my Manifesto Of Hard. If you want to create change in your life, embrace hardship and thrive in it. That’s what I’m studying this month, and this post shares some of those findings with you…

Hardship seems daunting, and that’s okay; that’s part of the challenge! But you don’t have to go into it unprepared. Preparation is key to embracing hardship and creating a favorable outcome.

How to prepare? No matter what hardship you’re stepping into, here’s the best approach:

  1. Identify your ideal outcome
  2. Find someone who is already doing it successfully and model their approach
  3. Break your outcome into milestones
  4. Figure out what key action(s) you can perform to reach those milestones
  5. Execute on those few key actions as perfectly as you can

That’s it. We can’t prepare for everything but we can figure out what we can control and prepare for that then execute those actions with excellence.

There are other ways to prepare too (identify contingencies; build up your resources for a cushion; work ahead) but the 5-point list I wrote above is the very best way to prepare for anything and it will take care of 80% of the effort required to embrace hardship.

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