Brian Tracy Reviewed A Book I Wrote

From time to time I’m asked to write books for other people — usually in a ghostwriting agreement where my name doesn’t appear on the book but my client’s name does.

Most of those books are self-published through CreateSpace and used by my clients to establish credibility and build their businesses.

But one client’s book was picked up by a publisher, which is an honor in itself. And even more exciting: Brian Tracy provided the Foreword for the book. Here’s an excerpt from his foreword, which his review and opinion of the book:

This is one of few books that you can actually refer to as a “bible” of business success. You can open it and start reading it anywhere. You will immediately start to get ideas to increase your sales and profitability.

That’s great to read and a privilege to have such a well-known author review my work… even if it was ghostwritten for someone else!