10 ecourses a real estate agent should write

Real estate professionals struggle with differentiation. They face a lot of competition with other agents but prospects have a hard time telling one agent from another. If you are a real estate professional, an ecourse is one way that you can set yourself apart… while building a list of people who may eventually need your services!

Here are 10 ecourse ideas for you to offer:

  1. Top trends in home-buying or home-selling right now. (Answer the burning question everyone wants to know: “Is NOW a good time to buy or sell?”).
  2. Top ways to sell your house for more money.
  3. Top ways to get the home of your dreams for a lower price.
  4. (If you specialize in a particular neighborhood) Top reasons to live in this neighborhood.
  5. (If you specialize in helping out-of-towners move to your town) Step-by-step to move to this city.
  6. Top things to look for when walking through a home.
  7. (If you specialize in helping first-time home-buyers) Step-by-step to buy your first home.
  8. A crash course in understanding a purchase contract.
  9. Top questions to ask a real estate professional before working with them.
  10. Websites a home-buyer can use to do preliminary research so they know where they want to live and what kinds of homes they want to look at.

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