Rules of the Scrappy Capitalist: Rule 6 — Be relentless

Old school capitalists succeeded because they were well-connected in an exclusive “old boys network”. Whether they succeeded in business or in the capital or real estate markets, it was largely because of who they knew.

But the internet changed everything. It levelled the playing field, making it possible for anyone to start a business or make money in the stock market or real estate market. True: Not everyone who tries WILL succeed, but the possibility didn’t exist and now it does.

There are still obstacles and unknowns but that doesn’t stop today’s scrappy capitalists from rolling up their sleeves and fighting for success.

The ones who will succeed will apply a specific set of rules to become successful. There are six rules of the scrappy capitalist. So far, I’ve covered five of them.

Here’s the sixth and final rule that a scrappy capitalists follow to be successful.


If success in business or the markets were simple, everyone would achieve it. But it’s not simple. It takes effort, guts, persistence, patience, confidence and an internal fortitude. Those who lack these things (and can’t acquire them) will never become scrappy capitalists.

Like hammering a nail, success takes relentless effort to make it happen. Here are some ways that the scrappy capitalist can be relentless…

  • Starting a new project that takes an initial push to get into.
  • Working through the middle of the project in spite of the temptation to quit when the details become too detailed or the work becomes too arduous.
  • Finishing well even when other people have gone home.
  • Consciously focusing on the desired end-state to help reduce distractions or project-bloat.
  • Acting (i.e., working or investing or moving forward) when trusted colleagues and experts tell you you’re wrong.

Being relentless isn’t easy, and I think there are two huge reasons why:

  1. It seems to go against what everyone else is doing. That’s hard because sometimes scrappy capitalists need to go with the grain and other times they need to go against the grain. It’s not easy to know the difference. (And if you’re waiting for me to tell you, you’re going to be sorely disappointed… because I don’t think there’s a formula).
  2. Sometimes the smartest decision is to keep going when everyone else has stopped, and sometimes the smartest decision is to stop. It’s not easy to know the difference. (And if you’re waiting for me to tell you, you’re going to be sorely disappointed… because I don’t think there’s a formula).

The key here is to find something you believe in and stick with it through thick and thin. Push. Sell. Build. Convince. Learn. Struggle.

That effort will pay off. It might take years of toil and there will probably be times when the cost seems too high and the reward too low, but if you believe in it, keep moving forward.

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Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and he's a real estate investor and a copywriter for real estate investors.

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