How to improve your accountant marketing so more targeted prospects come through the door

Your website can potentially reach a massive global audience. But if you’re an accountant, you’re not so concerned about website visitor from the other side of the world. Rather, you’d prefer website visitors from the other side of the street! Your website needs to reach a local audience.

In this video, I show accountants how to make one simple tweak on their website to help them get more local traffic to their website.

Are you undermining your success with this real estate investor marketing mistake?

If you are a real estate investor, your business has one significant difference compared to other types of businesses. Unfortunately, many real estate investors don’t realize this and they market their real estate investing business just like any other business. But it’s a HUGE mistake that could undermine your success.

In the video below, find out if you are making this critical real estate investor marketing mistake (and what you can do about it).