How to get more responsive subscribers for your ezine

There are a lot of ezines out there. Some are good, many are not. And many entrepreneurs are scratching their heads wondering why they are investing so much time into their ezines but not seeing any results from their growing list of subscribers.

The solution to an ezine that costs more than it returns is to examine its role in your sales funnel. An ezine that helps to turn leads into prospects looks very different than an ezine that helps to turn prospects into customers or an ezine that helps to turn customers into evangelists.

Consider carefully the role your ezine plays in your sales funnel and write ezine content only for that role:

An ezine for the lead stage needs to build trust while positioning you as the potential solution to your subscribers’ problems… But only at a high level. It also needs to qualify your subscribers.

An ezine for the prospect stage needs continue to build trust but now it also needs to help subscribers see that they can’t live without you. And, along the way, you need to overcome any obstacles your prospects may have.

An ezine for the customer stage should show you to be a responsive, proactive provider and should help your subscribers derive increased value from your offering.

So, what should you do to improve the return on your ezine investment?

First, identify what you need to accomplish in each stage of your sales funnel. Second, figure out where your ezine fits into your funnel. Third, write content that achieves your goals in that stage of your sales funnel. Then, consider creating an entirely new ezine for another stage in your sales funnel.

Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and he's a real estate investor and a copywriter for real estate investors.

3 thoughts on “How to get more responsive subscribers for your ezine

  1. This is excellent advice. Like many things in business you should figure out what you’re trying to do first. Then do that, not the hundred other things that are popular, common, fun, or whatever else. Not to say that what you are trying to do can’t be popular, common or fun, of course.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Sadly, your advice is not the preferred approach. There’s a massive small-business-consultant industry that is making a killing off of entrepreneurs who prefer popular, common, fun, (and I would add: easy) over sensible.

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