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Aaron HoosHi! My name is Aaron Hoos. I’m a writer, strategist, and investor, and I live with my wife Janelle in Regina Saskatchewan Canada.

I spend my days starting and growing businesses for myself and for others. When I’m not writing and thinking about business then I’m probably reading books and drinking coffee. Click here to learn more about me.

This site is a collection of my thoughts and a lab where I test out my ideas. I blog a lot about business, finance, and real estate, but also about life and other things that catch my attention. Click here to read my blog.

You can get reach me on Facebook and Instagram, or click here to contact me.


How To Grow Your Freelance Business (Even If You Have Too Many Clients Already)

For several years now I have had a problem… With business growth. The problem is: I have too many clients. Why is this a problem? Because it actually makes me stuck. My clients book me for big projects, long-term work, and send a ton of referrals. I end up overwhelmed with work and stuck to …

(Swipe-And-Deploy Template) How To Set Up The Financial Structure/Processes For Your Freelance Business

Financials seem boring but they’re really not. They’re good practices that pay off in better decisions, more money, less stress, and extra time. What’s not to love about that?!? Master your finances and you’ll master your business. Problem is, a lot of people procrastinate on their financials because they think it is complicated and overly-detailed. …

About Me

Hi! My name is Aaron Hoos. I’m a writer, strategist, and investor.

I write, consult, and speak on a variety of business, finance, and real estate topics; and I invest in businesses and real estate.

Aaron Hoos, Writer

I spend a lot of time thinking about business and how companies can grow profitably, and I examine the capital and real estate markets for exciting ideas and opportunities. Then I distill that information into compelling, easy-to-understand, actionable insight for blogs, books, and magazines.


I am the author of The Sales Funnel Bible, a handbook for business owners to help them start, run, and grow a profitable business.

My work appears in numerous periodicals, including The Globe and Mail, Alberta Oil Magazine, Private Capital Magazine, Aspire Magazine, ThinkSales Magazine, McGraw-Hill textbooks, and more.

Some other stuff that is useful to know about me:

  • I used to be a stockbroker, financial advisor, and insurance broker.
  • I’ve been a salesperson and an award-winning sales manager.
  • I have an MBA in Strategy Management, which included studies at Harvard Business School.
  • I run a number of other sites and brands, including: Sin Stocks Report, Real Estate Investing Copywriter, and others.

Most of my work appears in blogs, books, and magazines but sometimes I accept writing or consultation projects clients. Some of my clients include:


Want to see more? I’ve been a a professional writer and strategist since 1994 so I have a long list of clients I’ve worked with. You can view my portfolio blogs posts that list case studies, answers to questions I’m asked, client spotlights or something I’ve published. Be sure to view my long list of testimonials as well.

Learn even more about me at the following blog post: Aaron Hoos: More than you need to know about me, plus 8 random facts.


Aaron Hoos is a business, finance, and real estate writer. His actionable insights help entrepreneurs and investors develop a strategic approach to profitable growth. Aaron has been a business owner, sales manager, and licensed stockbroker. He holds an MBA in Strategy Management, he’s the author of The Sales Funnel Bible, and he’s the creator of the Sales Funnel Strategy Matrix (TM).


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Sales Funnel Bible

Your product or service solves a problem for a specific group of people. But how do you get them to buy from you… especially when most of them haven’t even heard of you?

The sales funnel is the journey that prospective buyers take… from never having heard of you before, all the way to the point when they hand over their money in exchange for the solution you offer. (And even beyond that point).

The most important part of any business is the sales funnel. It’s the “framework” around which you should build the rest of your business. Every business has a sales funnel but few businesses work intentionally to optimize them. But the benefits of mastering your sales funnel have a far-reaching impact in your business!

  • You’ll get more prospective buyers — faster and easier and at less cost per lead
  • You’ll earn more money, and more profit
  • You’ll discover new ways to make more money from new and existing customers
  • You’ll have an easy way to identify new opportunities, weigh them, and act on the right ones
  • You’ll have a tool to help you know exactly what you should do every single day for your business to thrive

In my book The Sales Funnel Bible, I introduce you to the sales funnel and show you how to build one for your business. I reveal the fundamental strategies to master for a stronger sales funnel and a stronger business.


(Print or Kindle)

The Sales Funnel Bible by Aaron Hoos




If you want to learn more, click here to see all of my blog posts about sales funnels.


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