What are you going to do this very instant?

I’ve always been a big planner and goal setter. Sometimes that has worked out in my favor; other times I’m a little too optimistic and I set more goals than are humanly achievable.

What I’ve learned about effective goal-setting is this: you need to take action right away. As soon as you set a goal, you need to do something about it immediately — this very instant.

Tony Robbins says something about this in his book Awaken The Giant Within. He says, “never leave the scene of a decision without taking action.”

Here’s why this is such an important concept:

If you’re excited about something (a new idea, plan, or goal) then the initial action will give you momentum and momentum is a very powerful thing.

Or, if you’re not excited about something then the instant action will help you avoid procrastination. A great example, I think, is the classic decision to diet. “I’ll start Monday,” is often the decision (and that decision is followed up by a few days of binging until Monday rolls around).

What plans are you in the process of making? Whatever you’re thinking about, take action right away, even if it’s a small action, to get a positive step forward.

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I’m back from a whirlwind trip

Hey! Long time no blog.

I’ve been traveling for 10+ days — it was a crazy trip that was 50% vacation and 50% work. But with the volume of work I tried to do before I left, as well as all the catching up I’ve had to do in the past couple of days, I’ve been out of the picture for much longer.

Here’s what I did…

A few months ago, my buddy’s wife reached out to me via Facebook. My buddy’s name is also named Aaron; Aaron and I, along with a third guy named Brian, have been good friends since third grade. Well, we all turn 40 this year so Aaron’s wife was throwing him a surprise party and she wondered if I could make it a double surprise by flying back to Ontario for his party.

As luck would have it, I was traveling around that time anyway for a conference so I made plans to travel to Ontario first before I went on to my final destination in Dallas TX. I also arranged with Brian’s wife to surprise Brian as well.

I gotta tell you, I was pretty excited and it was not easy to keep all of this off of social media.

Anyway, on the 14th I flew to Toronto, rented a car, and drove to Brian’s house. It was great to surprise him. Then the next day Brian and I went to Aaron’s house for his surprise party and that was a blast too. On the 15th the three of us hung out again — pictured below. It was awesome seeing these guys; I haven’t seen Aaron in 5 years and I haven’t seen Brian in 7 years.


That’s Brian to the left, me in the center, and Aaron on the right.

On the evening of the 15th, I said goodbye to those guys and drove about an hour east to Oshawa — the city where I was born and lived for several years as a child and then in my late teens. I hung out with some family, I saw some friends I haven’t seen in over a decade, and I also did some consulting work for a company that operates there.

On the 20th, I caught an early morning flight (barely!) and spent 8 hours in airplanes and airports, finally arriving in Dallas TX for a conference — The Secrets Of Successful Syndication conference put on by The Real Estate Guys. That conference was amazing… and also a total whirlwind. I was up early everyday and didn’t get to bed until late every night.

I was sure glad when my plane landed back in Winnipeg on Sunday night!

That 10 days was fun and exhausting. I had so much fun and learned a ton, too. This trip was one of the highlights of the year for me.

Now I’m back at my desk and although it’s not quite the whirlwind it has been, I’m excited to be back rocking out content for my clients.

Stay tuned for some really cool things I’ve got cooking in the next couple of weeks.

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What I’m working on this week (July 20 – 24, 2015)

It seems like the only thing I have to write these days is the What I’m working on this week updates. #notcomplaining

Here’s what’s on my plate this week:

  • Wrapping up a few books — two print books and three Kindle books for three clients. They’re all really close to being done so I’m putting the finishing touches on them and moving them toward publishing.
  • Writing autoresponders for a real estate investing client — they need them for some upsells they’re offering.
  • Blog posts and magazine articles galore! I’ve got a ton of these that are due in the next week or two so I’m hoping to wrap them up this week.

The biggest project comes from a new partnership I have with an investing education website. I’m recently become a partner in their business, which will require a bunch of work from in the short term but should provide a bunch of long-term pay-offs in the coming months. I’m really excited about this new development.

Well, that’s all I have time for right now. Gotta get back to work.

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What I’m working on this week (July 13 – 17, 2015)

Last week turned into a gongshow… I guess not in a bad way necessarily but rather because there were a million little tiny projects that needed to be taken care of — phone calls, emails, editing, etc. — instead of the work I more typically do, which is sitting down and writing a project from start to finish.

I don’t mind weeks like that because they don’t happen often and they’re a fun (hectic!) change of pace. But I’m also glad to be back at my desk now, ready to get back to what I do best.

This week I’m working on the following:

  • A sales letter for a real estate investor.
  • A print book for a service industry business.
  • Blog posts for a handful of clients in the investing space.
  • Some local SEO copy for a company that is trying to position itself in its local marketplace.
  • A least one ebook (maybe even two — just waiting on confirmation of the second one).
  • A couple of magazine articles.

Gotta get back to work!

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