Hi! My name is Aaron Hoos. I’m a writer and my work appears in books, blogs, and magazines. I also own a couple of businesses and am an active investor in the capital markets and real estate. I’m always doing a million and one things and I talk about most that stuff on this site.

Here’s what else I do: I’m the author of The Sales Funnel Bible. I’m the web’s only real estate investing copywriter. I write about finance (I teach a course about graphite resource stocks and I’m the editor of Sin Stocks Report). I think a lot about business and love talking to entrepreneurs about how they can accelerate their businesses.

Want to know more? Learn about me, check out my portfolio to see what else I’ve done, or read my blog to see what I’m thinking about right now.

Let’s connect! Find me on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. And contact me if you want to do cool stuff together.

Learn new strategies

Discover new strategies and strategic tools to transform your business!

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Optimize your sales funnel

Sales funnels are the most important part of your business. Find out why and how your business can grow dramatically by optimizing your sales funnel.

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Learn about finance

Learn about corporate finance, the economy, the stock market, trading and investing, cash flow, and more.

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Real Estate Investing Copywriter

I'm the only exclusive real estate investing copywriter on the web. I'm also a real estate investor. Check out RealEstateInvestingCopywriter.com

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The Sales Funnel Bible: Coming soon

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